What are the top 5 IoT companies in India?

IoT is a vast field and has different aspects. To ensure best results from your IoT venture, a good approach is to find a company that is expert in the line of work you want to get done. Below are some important IoT operations/services/functionalities that an IoT services provider can help you with:

1. Provisioning of IoT connectivity for different business use cases
2. System integration of IoT products with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool
3. IoT application design
4. IoT development
5. IoT maintenance and support
6. Embedding devices with IoT sensors
7. Security of the IoT network
8. Consistent and reliable capturing of IoT usage and billing transactions
9. Revenue assurance and fraud control
10. Fault diagnosis and self-recovery
It can be quite challenging to find an IoT services provider that offers all these services as part of its IoT platform. However, there are a few companies out there that have great credibility in IoT field and can be relied upon completely for high quality communication of several IoT services.
When it comes to design and development of IoT apps and sensor-related work, I would recommend Magneto. For everything else, I think SecureIoTServices is a dependable and promising IoT platform.
SecureIoTServices is exceptionally good at offering secure and reliable IoT connectivity with robust data encryption. It provides connectivity through different mediums and has IoT data connectivity that suits a variety of business use cases. You can procure lightning speed with IoT data connectivity low latency for Telematics and surveillance applications. In case, you want low speed connection to prevent quick sensor discharge, you can use LoRa and Sigfox connectivity.
Also, SecureIoT services uses Telgoo5, which is a unique platform for MNOs and virtual operators. It has a centralized charging architecture that does much more than simply fulfill IoT requirements. It comes with full reporting and analytics capabilities, so you can analyze the behavior of your subscribers and amend your business strategies accordingly.
The services delivered by this IoT platform meets the global standards and allows you to carry out your operations with great consistency. To make matters better, the system is based on cloud and provides additional safety of data by replicating it across multiple datacenters. Also, the system comes with high fault tolerance and has self-diagnosing capabilities to fix a fault whenever it arises.
All in all, I think these two companies have what it takes to meet the IoT requirements, at least in the present.
P.S. SecureIoTServices also offers OTA (Over the Air) firmware upgrades for regularly updating and transforming the functionalities of operational IoT devices without impacting their operations.


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