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Leverage Agricultural Advancement with Innovative IoT Development Solutions

Maintaining high levels of agricultural produce is vital for feeding the rapidly rising world population. Innovative IoT development solutions empower farmers to optimize their agricultural methods and improve their production. Quality IoT solutions can change the face of agricultural industry and hence, you need the right IoT services provider for your business needs.
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What are IoT devices?

Important Requirements of an IoT Platform

While the above-mentioned scenario, in all of its totality, may seem like a distant dream, but we are seeing certain elements come together at the time of writing of this answer. We are at a juncture where telcos have understood the potential of the IoT platform and are doing their best to fulfill the most essential requirements. Have a look at some of the important requirements of a potent IoT platform that can leverage the IoT tech:

1. Tracking and reporting of IoT transactions   IoT devices are expected to generate multiple zettabytes of data that needs to be tracked and reported. Without reliable tracking and reporting, it would be hard for telcos to monetize IoT services, especially in these times where Gen Y does not want to spend a penny extra for their usage of data. Therefore, it is essential for an IoT connectivity provider to have high-powered resources and a centralized OCS that charges all transactions in real-time and maintains …

5 New-Age Convergent Charging and Billing Support System Requirements

Not so long ago, the success of telecom operators hinged upon their proficiency in delivering core network services. Business and operation support systems were useful but they were not as critical as they are today. This was due to the non-complex nature of telecom services, primarily call and SMS, which filled the monochromatic spectrum of telecom service delivery. However, with the evolution of new technologies like IoT and 5G, the telecom landscape has changed considerably. In the present, there are many services that need to be monetized, charged, rated and billed; and hence, the operational, business and Billing Support Systems are stretched to the limit. Exigent Modern-Day RequirementsTelecom services subscribers of today are more finicky than ever. They have too many options to pick and choose from because of a rise in the number of telecom services providers in the form of MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). Also, non-telecom OTT services provider are eating into the alr…

Importance of a Quality Telecom Billing Service Provider

Telecom billing requirements go hand-in-hand with the emergence of new technologies in the telecom industry. Depending on the complexity of the technology, the complexity of the billing system also rises. This is why; most telcos feel the need to overhaul or amend their current telecom billing software solution whenever a new technology is launched. New techs like OTT and IoT have befuddled telcos with their sheer magnitude and resource requirements. To track and monetize these services, the traditional telecom billing and payment software solutions are found to be useless. The need for modern cloud-based solutions is becoming more pressing than ever before.
The Importance of a Quality Telecom Billing Service Provider
As most telcos are too busy in performing their core competencies, they have to rely on a telecom billing service provider for their billing tasks. Therefore, the selection of a billing provider should be done with great care.
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What are the top 5 IoT companies in India?

IoT is a vast field and has different aspects. To ensure best results from your IoT venture, a good approach is to find a company that is expert in the line of work you want to get done. Below are some important IoT operations/services/functionalities that an IoT services provider can help you with:

1.Provisioning of IoT connectivity for different business use cases 2. System integration of IoT products with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool 3.IoT application design 4.IoT development 5.IoT maintenance and support 6.Embedding devices with IoT sensors 7.Security of the IoT network 8.Consistent and reliable capturing of IoT usage and billing transactions 9.Revenue assurance and fraud control 10.Fault diagnosis and self-recovery It can be quite challenging to find an IoT services provider that offers all these services as part of its IoT platform. However, there are a few companies out there that have great credibility in IoT field and can be relied upon completely for high quality communica…